About us

Welcome to Tailor & Arms.

We are a company located in the heart of Sweden. However, the entire world is our market!
Tailor and Arms is your supplier when you need high-quality uniforms and equipment for your reenactment or film and theater productions.

We have a large range of uniforms and equipment in our product line and it is expanding every day.
However, you are not limited to our existing products, we also design and manufacture products upon your request.

We specialized in the time before WWII , but we have a small collection out of this period 1939-45, but on request we design and  manufacture different kinds of garments for you.

We also work with uniforms for police and ambulance forces and do you want a special uniform or garment for your company don’t hesitate to contact us and we can together work with your ideas and design.

We work closely with highly skilled designers and craftsmen that are specialized in materials such as: cotton, silk, wool, leather, and casting in brass or iron.
So please, contact us with your inquiries and ideas, together we can reach your goal!

Best regards

Peter Holmgren