Life Guard Rapier, m/1701


Life Guard Rapier and Cavalry m/1701

Drabantvärja m/1701

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This particular rapier is a replica of the model used by the Swedish Life Guards. It was introduced in 1701.  Furthermore, this hilt was also used by the cavalry. The model was popular as it also was the officers’ sidearm of choice. It served the soldiers well as it was used during the Great Nordic War. It truly is a classic among rapiers of its time.

The hilt is made of high-quality brass and the blade forged from high-quality steel.

Total length: 1120mm
Hilt: 155mm
Blade length: 955mm
Weight 1.45 kilograms


Drabantvärja m/1701
Fäste utav drabanttyp i mässing, samma typ utav fäste användes även till kavalleriet.
Denna typ utav värja användes under hela Stora nordiska kriget både i hos drabanterna och kavalleri.
Även officerare använde denna typ utav värja.

Totallängd 1120 mm
Fäste 155 mm
Klinglängd 955 mm
Vikt 1450 gram