Swedish Water Canteen 17th-18th Century (military)


Swedish Water Canteen 17th-18th Century (military)
Karolinsk Vattenflaska 16-1700-tal (Militär)

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The Swedish Carolean army and a bit longer (late 17th-century to mid 18th-century) used a metal canteen to make sure each soldier could transport water to consume throughout their servitude. This canteen is large compared to other canteens during this time period and contains a bit more than 2.5 litre.
This canteen replica is made out of thin metal is delivered without a leather strap.

Length: 80 mm (not including the loops)
Height: 229 mm
Width: 90 mm
Loops width: 20 mm

Den karolinska armén, och även lite längre, använde denna metal flaska för soldaternas dagliga vattenbehov. Denna model rymmer lite mer än 2.5 liter vätska.
Replikan är gjord av metal och levereras utan läderrem.

Längd: 80 mm (Inte inkluderat ögglorna)
Höjd: 229 mm
Bredd: 90 mm
Öglornas bredd: 20 mm

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