Swedish Infantry Officers Rapier m/1700 #2


Karolinsk kommendervärja bars utav officerare från fänrik och uppåt, en svensk ikonisk värja svärd sabel karolinerarmén karls XII
Karolinervärja replika

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Here we have the iconic rapier for Swedish infantry officer that where in use from late 17th century and through the whole war.
This is the same type of rapier that king Charles XII, Karl XII, Carl XII had in Fredrikshald, Norway in 1718 when he get shot.

This type of rapier was used from second lieutenant and upwards to the king.
The officer have to buy the swords them self so there was many variations, all depending on how much money the order had or if he want a heavy combat blade or a light blade.

We have used much knowledge and time in this rapier, so it can be a very good reproduction for reenactment and collectors.
This is museum quality reproduction.

Example #1
Plate are plain
Handle are in brass that are antique patinated.
Wire on handle are like original, same here there was very much variations.
Steel in blade are AISI 1065
Scabbard are made of wooden base with a high quality leather over, that are hand stitched.
All metal parts are in brass.

Facts about the rapier

Total length 1110 mm
Handle length 185 mm
Grip length 90 mm
Plate 92 x 84 mm
Blade length 925 mm
Width at handle 29 mm
Thickness at handle 9 mm
Weight 1200 gram

Blade are blunted because of security reasons, therefore blade is about 80+ gram heavier then the original